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From: Linda Hinkle


Subject: Take the Stress Out of Helping  Your Teen Succeed in High School

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Dear Parent,

It seems that when our children are in the elementary grades, it's easy (and fun) to be actively involved in their day to day school activities. Attending PTA meetings and school plays, serving as homeroom mom, and even helping with homework assignments keep us connected to school life and help us keep a close watch on our children's progress.

And then comes Junior High and all too quickly HIGH SCHOOL...the kids become seemingly more independent, translated they don't need (or want) us as much, they become mobile, and all of a sudden it becomes more and more difficult to keep up with what is going on in their lives, both academically and socially.

Would you like to learn how to stay on top of your teen's academic progress WITHOUT keeping you (and your teen) stressed out? 

 During my 29 years of teaching high school mathematics I learned that it really is possible to do just that, and I'd like to show you how. 

Receive My 'Parents Guide to High School' Training Session

I'd like to send you an mp3 recording and transcript of the teleseminar I conducted to help parents learn what they could do to help their teen succeed in high school. All you have to do is leave your name and email address in the form below and I'll send you the recording and transcript of the teleseminar, delivered right to your email. 

Every parent of a teen needs the information given in this training session.  Aurelia Williams of Parenting My Teen Podcast conducted the interview and really got to the heart of what parents of teens want to know.  We discussed specific, straight talking, no nonsense strategies that any parent can use to help their teen succeed in high school.

Below are some of the topics covered in the training session:

  • The importance of parental involvement during the high school years
  • How to determine if your teen is keeping up with classwork and doing required homework
  • What to do if your teen is falling behind in spite of working hard and completing all assignments
  • Time management for your high school student
  • The key to effective communication with a teacher
  • How to make the most of your parent teacher conferences
  • When to consider getting a tutor 
  • Don't have a high schooler yet? Learn how to start early to avoid potential problems down the road  

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All the best,

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Linda Hinkle

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